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Sly Wolf

Sly Wolf - Blues Band
Sly Wolf

Sly Wolf is truly a pan-European band. Frankie was born in the United Kingdom from an Italian family and started off on the bass guitar taking lessons from a former Apple studio session musician. He later moved back to Italy, always keeping his Brit blues and rock roots alive and well. Mauro is from the Swiss canton of Ticino, where he is currently one of the most in-demand musicians and most popular drum instructors. In his late teens, his pursuit of an exhaustive musical education led him to spend long periods in the United States, in Cuba and around Europe. Luca is undoubtedly one of the most talented guitarists to have ever emerged in Italy. He is based in Milan and before committing himself to Sly Wolf he worked hard and long on various solo projects, proving himself as a composer and collaborating with a host of international artists. He has called London and the United States his second and third homes for over a decade now.
What brought these three musicians together was a long-standing friendship built over numerous previous collaborations, and a true passion for the blues. In fact, their first studio effort is a tribute to the blues greats, and features the band’s original and intense rendition of selected classic tracks. They are also writing original material, and will soon go back to the studio to record the new songs, that have already found their place in the band’s exciting and powerful live set. Catch them live and experience the full impact of European blues at its best!


Frankie Di Foggia (Bass & Vocals)
Frankie was born in England, where he began studying music. After returning to Italy with his family, in 1986 he joined Italian rock band THE SHARKS, and experienced considerable success, the highlights being: entry into the Yamaha Centenary international music festival Band Explosion in Tokyo in 1987, as representatives for Italy; opening act on the Italian leg of world tours by Jethro Tull (1988), Deep Purple (1988), Vasco Rossi (1989); participation in the Sanremo Festival, braodcast live on national TV, in the New Artist category (1989), Festivalbar and Saint Vincent festivals.
Live collaborations: Sluka (New York band – Italian tour in 1992), Ufo Piemontesi, Gamba de legn’.
He recently toured with Italian recording artist Simone (Sanremo, Festivalbar, support act for Vasco Rossi “Buoni o Cattivi” tour).
His musical education includes studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Discography: Sharks: Notti di fuoco (CGD – 1988), Ufo Piemontesi: Orrendi (CGD – 1993); Luca Zamponi: Down On The Town; Gamba de legn’: In vino veritas (1998); Sly Wolf: Classics From The Den (2003); Simone: Buon Viaggio (2005).

Luca Zamponi (Guitar)
Guitarist, arranger, composer, producer. He has played live and in the studio with leading international artists including Eric Marienthal, Tullio De Piscopo, Lon Norman, Angie Brown, to name just a few, performing in the USA, Europe, the Middle East. He has mastered virtually all styles of music and his versatility is one of his main strengths, although he always retains his own personal sound and style, for which he is renowned. He has been a member of the faculty of prestigious many music schools, including: CPM, N.A.M.M. and Scuola di porta Romana in Milan,  S.M. in Switzerland. He has backed artists Tullio De Piscopo, Laura Fedele, Maurizio Solieri, Tiziana Ghiglioni, and Kal Dos Santos during their intense workshop schedules. He has held EEC-sponsored “Session Man” courses in the Fusion genre section. He worked as in-house session guitarist for record label “CDL Musica e Dischi” between 1990 and 1992, working on over thirty albums not only as guitarist, but also as producer and arranger. He has led a successful band of his own, the Luca Zamponi MOB, of which a number of respected musicians have been members. He collaborates occasionally with Swiss band Waveflow, and has performed at the Blues to Bop and Montreaux Jazz Festivals.

Mauro Pesenti (Drums)
Mauro studied drums in Milan with Franco Rossi, going on to complete the drums and percussion programs at the Los Angeles Percussion Institute of Technology and  Grove School of Music. He has performed live with: Anthony Costello, Becca Godinez, Long Espina, Heinz Affolter and Acoustic Adventure, Tommaso Lama, Jeff Richman, Franco Mussida and Jon Davis. He lived in Cuba between 1994 and 1996, studying Latin percussion  and collaborating with top salsa orchestras. He has toured the USA and Europe, taking part in the International Jazz Festival SIBIU ’91 in Romania, the International Jazz Fest Kaunas ’92, Blues to Bop Festival ‘97 and ‘98, Como Blues ‘98, Menaggio Festival ’99, and many more. He teaches drums and percussion at the Scuola di Musica Moderna and Scuola Popolare di Musica in Locarno.

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